The team of Geohydroconsulting attended and participated with paper in the Second Macedonian Congress for Roads in the period 3-4 November 2022. In this event it was possible to exchange experience, knowledge and ideas from different aspects and phases of the rock construction.

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On 1 November 2022 the Chamber of certified architects and certified engineers and its department for geotechnics organized technical lecture on topic "Slope stabilization and erosion control for sustainable geotechnics" at which the team of Geohydroconsulting had the opportunity to hear the presentations of renown foreign and national lecturers such as Prof. Dr. Slobodan Mickovski on topic "Nature-based methods for remediation of eroded slopes", Dr. Alejandro Ollauri on topic "GIS tools for alerts for erosion and shallow landslides" and Prof. Dr. Josif Josifovski on topic "Stabilization of surficial erosion on slopes by using polymer solutions and vegetation".


Our geologists took part in the mining event PODEKS-POVEKS, which took place in Ohrid in the period 14-16 October 2022, as well as in the Second conference for tailing dams which took place in the period 20-21 October 2022 in Shtip.


As we support continual participation in international events, our representative took part in Eurock 2022 in the period 12-15 September 2022 in Helsinki, Finland, at which it was possible to exchange knowledge for different topics in Rock and Fracture Mechanics in Rock Engineering and Mining.


In the period 23-25 June 2022 in Ohrid was realized the Fifth Symposium of the Macedonian Association of Geotechnics (MAG) in which the engineering from Geohydroconsulting participated with more papers for which oral and poster presentations were prepared. The event was support by the International Society of Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM) and it also represented a Specialized conference of ISRM. Within the symposium Geohydroconsulting received a recognition for the commitment to the advancement of geotechnics in the country in the past period.

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In the period 27-29 April 2022 in Belgrade a coarse was organized on topic Rocscience Geomechanical Modeling, in which also two representatives from Geohydroconsulting participated and had the opportunity to hear about the latest modules and tools for the Rocscience softwares.


As the 5th Regional Symposium on Landslides in the Adriatic-Balkan Region was organized in hybrid mode on topics related to Landslide modeling and applications, representative from Geohydroconsulting took participation online with paper.


The event "Geotechnical aspects of civil engineering" was attended by our representative in the period 3-5 November 2021 in Vrnjačka Banja, R. Serbia, at which it was possible to exchange experience from the practice with colleagues from the region, but also hear about the latest research works in the region.

Besides the many postponed and cancelled professional meetings, we continue our professional contribution online (EUROCK 2021). The paper is available at


Participation on the Skopje Marathon for us represents friendship between the colleagues, but also quality time with the families, at the same time encouraging healthy sport habits. Skopje Marathon 2019.


As active members of the Macedonian Association of Geotechnics (MAG) we support technical events, so we were involved in organization of DECGE2018. Of course at this conference we also participated with a paper.


Participation in the 5km race as part of Skopje Marathon event 2018.


Representatives from Geohydroconsulting presented a papers at
Sedmo Međunarodno Naučno-Stručno Savetovanje, Geotehnički Aspekti Građevinarstva which took place in , Šabac, Serbia 14-17 November 2017.


Representatives attended a workshop on topic "Rock properties and their role in rock characterization, modelling and design", delivered by Prof. REŞAT ULUSAY, president of ISRM, organized at ZAG, Ljubljana.


Representative from Geohydroconsulting presented a paper at the 6th International Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Conference (iYGEC6) (16 – 17 September, 2017) and atteneded the International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (18 – 21 September, 2017) in Seoul, South Korea.


Representatives from Geohydroconsulting participated in Technical Visit of Large Dams in Italy from May 8 to May 14, 2015, organized by the association Macedonian Committee for Large dams. With this visit the engineers had the chance to gain knowledge about the conditions for construction, exploitation and monitoring of the dams in Italy.
For maintaining and strengthening of the team spirit, the team of GHC participated in the recreational 5km - race on the Skopje Marathon 2017. The successful completion of the race was followed by collective mingling and relaxation.

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