Representatives from Geohydroconsulting presented a papers at
Sedmo Međunarodno Naučno-Stručno Savetovanje, Geotehnički Aspekti Građevinarstva which took place in , Šabac, Serbia 14-17 November 2017.


Representative from Geohydroconsulting presented a paper at the 6th International Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Conference (iYGEC6) (16 – 17 September, 2017) and atteneded the International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (18 – 21 September, 2017) in Seoul, South Korea.


Representatives from Geohydroconsulting participated in Technical Visit of Large Dams in Italy from May 8 to May 14, 2015, organized by the association Macedonian Committee for Large dams. With this visit the engineers had the chance to gain knowledge about the conditions for construction, exploitation and monitoring of the dams in Italy.
For maintaining and strengthening of the team spirit, the team of GHC participated in the recreational 5km - race on the Skopje Marathon 2017. The successful completion of the race was followed by collective mingling and relaxation.

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